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right now this album is at the top of my reggae list. only problem is its way out of print and way too expensive to buy online. check out the jemm listing... right? i know. out of control. since im not going to be buying it any time soon and i can't find a download link for you to follow and stick your gruby computer hands on, here are all the tracks compiled in album order. hopefull with some luck one day ill come across this scorcher more in my price range.

Fashion LP #FADLP 001 1984
Record date : 1984

Album style : DJ, dancehall

Playlist :
Smiley Culture - Slam Bam
Phillip Levi - Mi God Mi King
Asher Senator - Fast Style Origination
Peter King - Me Neat Me Sweet
Macka B - A Gentleman With Manners
Smiley & Asher - It's Coming Down
Papa Benjie - Fare Dodger
Pato - Nice Up The Session
Papa Face & Bionic Rhona - To The Bump
Laurel & Hardy - You're Nicked

Engineer : Barry Boom & Chris Lane & Gussie Prento

Producer : Paul Robinson

Drums : Angus Gaye & Richard Stevens
Bass : Tony Robinson (UK) & Ian Austin
Guitar : Chris Lane & John Kpiaye
Keyboards : Clifton Bigga Morrison & Reg Graham
Horns : David De Fries & Dave Bitelli & Annie Whitehead & Tim Sanders & Barbara Snow
Percussions : Chris Lane
Drums Programming : Chris Lane

Studios :
Recording : A-Class (UK)
Mixing : A-Class (UK)

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