some fuzzy garage tracks by way of my main man flapper. love him or hate him he knows great music. he has turned me on to too many garage bands to count. from the most obscure to the most seminal the guy knows his shit. thanks for the knowledge mike.


50th post

the future is only getting better.

amazing and beautiful!

perfect for a sunday

wow. amazing cinimatgraphy. beautiful colors. motorbikes. bruce brown. funktified sound track. what more could you ask for in life? not much on a sunday. check bruce browns epic flim on any sunday.

ps: it has steve mcquueen in it. bonus.


the thief and the cobbler

the other 8 parts are on youtube. it is more than worth your time to watch this masterpiece.


sorry cant help it...

cock sparrer is my favorite oi band of all time. they deserve their own post. too many god tracks to pass on

"stratospheric falsetto"

no video but great adio spanning the carree of the wonderful ted taylor.


fantastic planet


a couple great interviews with my favorite temptation Eddie Kendricks, a date with the rain, and a couple great videos of him performing on soul train.


Muchas gracias

thank you to everyone who rolled though on friday night to support mike list and the lesser unknowns event. it was great turn out with cool people. tons of fun. stay funky and fuzzy.

knock on wood

ledgendary stax recording artist eddie floyd sings knock on wood.


dont forget about the jump off this friday

tons of fun is going to be had. good music. good people. be there or be square.

its probably going to be as much fun as the toy dolls...........................



heavily toasted

check your roots and culture in different slyle. dedicated to the youth in white collar shitrt. no body move nobody get hurt. original.


A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork

hi everyone out there. spending some time in nyc this month. dropping a couple of my favorite new york jams. opposite ends of the spectrum on these two but great never the less. peace