lifes all breezy

jimmy smith-walk on the wild side

...the organs brought the sun out today for sunset. nice


brother jack mcduff- minha saudade

...please come out today sun? it probably won't but these organ jams make me feel like it is.

the endless bummer

big john patton-latona

...wheres that sun to make us all float so high?


here we come

randy alvey and the green fuz- green fuz

...the cramps cover live 1981

in my sight

the bees- voices green and purple


short road tripped out the last couple days. got turned on to a bunch of new jamz. cant wait to share with the world at large. grey summer. city highs...

the five day week stray people-sunday morning


the moon watches

melvin bliss- synthetic substitution


the stone roses- i want to be adored

...she bangs the durms

remember this sound

tenor saw-ring the alarm

...pumpkin belly

How water walk a go a pumpkin belly/ Who tell me that but me old time granny/ She say, "Saw you must be going on like a ginal, woooaaa"/ I said, "No grandma. I won't tell you now"



tirogo- float


curtis mayfield- freddies dead


spaceman 3- hypnotized

stuck inside the gun

zero boys-civilization's dying

this has been one of my jams since i was a kid. first heard it when i was 12 or 13 on a punk comp from rhino records. i still have that cd in a box some where hiding away waiting to be rediscovered someday.