Del Shannon the Runaway...

If you are familiar with the "Golden Age" of Rock'n'Roll and the 50's sound and the Doo Wop era, then you must surely know of Del Shannon and his song Runaway. A great musician and song writer, he seemed to almost fade into obscurity as the 60's progressed. He played The Sunset Strip, and was still a viable player in the music field, yet he didn't garner as much attention as he should have. It was during this time however, that he created two of the most underrated and greatest albums of his career. One was Home & Away from 1967, which was recorded in London, and was never released in it's originally conceived form. It is now available and worth the listen. The other, was The Further Adventures of Charles Westover, from 1968 on the Liberty Label. 1968 was part of a turbulent era in American, as well as world history. So many people were looking at new ideas, and seeing things in different ways. Fellow musician Johnny Rivers even went psychedelic in his 1968 album 'Realization'. It seemed as if "mainstream" America were going for a "trip". Shannon's album speaks to me on a more personal level. This album is truly a great album, with Del Shannon going psychedelic. It has hints of folk, rock, country, and even the feel of the Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds' album in it. Below are some youtube clips...those just DON'T DO JUSTICE....listen to this album in it entirety by yourself or with a significant other and just take a road trip....just go cruise...and on a final not I leave you with this bit of information... Charles Westover is Del Shannon's real name...


no heroine and no glue sniffing upstairs

A short doc on the Islington Squatter punks of 1983.

ps here is a bonus viedo- an interview with the imfamous front man of the pogues, Shane MacGowan.


Are You a Weed or a Seed????

Many people know of the Seeds, who were one of the greatest bands to come out of L.A. in the 60's during the "Sunset Strip" era. They were best known for their hit song, "Pushin' Too Hard", however, few know of a similar band that was managed by the same manager....they were known as The Weeds. Their manager at the time, thought that it would be confusing and detrimental to manage both bands that had somewhat similar names, so he urged the Weeds to change their names to the The Lollipop Shoppe. I often ask as myself, what the f%*# was he thinkin'??? Attempting to appeal to the "Bubblegum Music" genre at the time seemed like a great idea, when in fact, it really wasn't in their best interest.....their 1968 album Just Colour however, HAS BEEN in the best interest of garage geeks and obscure music lovers alike. It truly is an underrated masterpiece....so good in fact, that the Black Lips have recently covered their song You Must Be a Witch.....NO THEY DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG!!! The Lollipop Shoppe also have connections to the 60's biker flick Angels From Hell, as well as the punk band Dead Moon, but I'll leave you to dig into that realm of research....not everything can be handed to you. On that final note, I leave you with some youtube clips to help you out...

colt 45 on a sunday



Tonight at the casbah, legendary san diego punk rock heros the zeros. get excited. The band was formed in 1976 in Chula Vista California and tagged as the Mexican Ramones by many. They consisted of Javier Escovedo on vocals/guitar and Robert Lopez (later known as El Vez) on guitar, Hector Penalosa on bass, and Baba Chenelle on drums. San Diego classics in their best form. Come out if your around.



funky foot stomping prog groove from Hungary in 1973.


Some great footage from the only and only Mr. Otis Redding. Im not sure what to say except to check the moves. Listen to the voice. Then close your eyes and feel it in your spine. Shivers. No? I thought so. Have a good friday.

Does the man have swagger or what?



The congos: this track has been one of my favorite roots jams since i was just a young lad running around the streets of san diego. Fisherman is a fantasic track produced by Lee Perry and records at Perry's Black Arc studios in 1977. It was realesed on The Congos first ablum The Heart of the Congos. The album featured a stand out line up of singers including Gregory Isaacs, The Meditations, and Barry LLewellyn and Earl Morgan of The Heptones. This one is heavy. Be carefull if you have never heard it.

The Roots of Punk...

The term "Punk" was not truly coined until the 70's. However, the first era was actually the 60's in which countless garage bands were fueled by the ear shattering and face melting sounds of the British Invasion and the social changes occuring not only in America, but throughout the world. One such band of utmost importance was, and still is The Pretty Things. They derived their name from and old Bo Diddley song entitled none other than Pretty Thing. This group although not as well known here stateside was formed from the partial ashes of the early Rolling Stones, when guitarist Dick Taylor left to form a new band where he was playing lead. He along with Phil May on vocals, Brian Pendleton on rhytm guitar, John Stax on bass, and a drunken maniac named Viv Price on drums. It is said that some of Keith Moons antics came from the actions of Viv who was, and still is one of the most basic, yet greatest drummers of all time, yet still maniacal. Fueled by the records comming from America and the rawness that Chess records captured of the Mississippi Delta and Chicago, they were able to forge their own sound which is still relevant today.
Playing the shit out of their guitars and overdriving their Vox AC30's,these long haired college art students created and played a unique style of filthy "Blue Eyed Blues" which can never truly be copied again....they will live on as long as there are peole still willing to listen...they still play to this day and can be seen in England. I urge you to listen to their music and explore on your own....I posted some old footage for you here, which is a taste of what may become perhaps a deeper love of American/British R&B and Blues. On a final note I leave you with this unusual fact....most people say Tommy by the Who was the "first" rock opera, when in fact it was The Pretty Things who beat them to the punch....S.F. Sorrow as the album was entitled beat them by about a year...it is a dark and psychedelic experience that I suggest one listens to in the right environment...



the endless vortex of youtube. it always entertaining. at least for me. hope you get some joy out of this too. perfect pop. smile. its summertime.


video overload. great song and viedo from karl hector and the malcouns. great organ riffs.

Jah Wah Wah


ugly duckings

the Ugly Ducklings...Mick Jaggers favorite 60's band.....stormer Garage/R&B Stomper


The Secret Museum of Mankind

More insane stuff from the world wide web. The Secret Museum of Mankind was published in 1935. It has no author or credits, no copyright, no date, no page numbers or index. It is a collection of photos of tribes and cultures from all over the world. Amazing photos documenting a people from all over the world. Have fun with this one.

Secret Museum of Mankind- http://ian.macky.net/secretmuseum/

Dengue Fever

Hello out there. Today we have some psyched out pop by way of Cambodia. Thank you. Enjoy.


the mad masters

i love you

one more for the night. a heart breaking tear jerker. hits you in the spin. music downloads will be coming soon. still working on figuring out the system. peace.

fresh wax

the lafayette afro rock band-malik
demon fuzz-afreaka
yesef lateef-blues for the orient
keith jarret-expectations
v/a-spiritual jazz:esoteric, modal and deep jazz from the underground 1968-77


hi starting it off with some insane footage of brazilan soul legend Tim Maia...enjoy

ps...heres is the video i wanted to post but this is all new to me so deal.

figured it out...