Are You a Weed or a Seed????

Many people know of the Seeds, who were one of the greatest bands to come out of L.A. in the 60's during the "Sunset Strip" era. They were best known for their hit song, "Pushin' Too Hard", however, few know of a similar band that was managed by the same manager....they were known as The Weeds. Their manager at the time, thought that it would be confusing and detrimental to manage both bands that had somewhat similar names, so he urged the Weeds to change their names to the The Lollipop Shoppe. I often ask as myself, what the f%*# was he thinkin'??? Attempting to appeal to the "Bubblegum Music" genre at the time seemed like a great idea, when in fact, it really wasn't in their best interest.....their 1968 album Just Colour however, HAS BEEN in the best interest of garage geeks and obscure music lovers alike. It truly is an underrated masterpiece....so good in fact, that the Black Lips have recently covered their song You Must Be a Witch.....NO THEY DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG!!! The Lollipop Shoppe also have connections to the 60's biker flick Angels From Hell, as well as the punk band Dead Moon, but I'll leave you to dig into that realm of research....not everything can be handed to you. On that final note, I leave you with some youtube clips to help you out...

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  1. hey fuzz funkers, sweet ass blog nice work. The Weeds deal made me think of a friends band from the early 80's. His name is Gregg ... now Louis Guiterez and the band was The Three O'Clock. Haven't thought of that in ages. Louis is a stock broker in LA now.