high seas

heyo, this is the last post for a few weeks. im heading out on the high seas for adventures and mishaps. should be back in about three weeks or so. stay tuned for more stimulation in the near future on the same bat channel. peace.

the luv'd ones- im leaving you

cymande-one more

manuel b. holcomb-kick out ins


lost generation

the lost generation- the sly, slick and wicked

...the young, tough and terrible


sweetest woman in the world

bb seaton- thin line between love and hate

...heavy soulful reggae. things go rough, you fight, you learn about your self, its tug and push, give and take. love and hate. life funny boy.

...this song was original recorded in 1971 by the persuaders.


little kicks

squeeze-cool for cats

...up the junction

nothing to do, love in the middle of the avenue

spritulized-i think im in love/home of the brave


...ladies and gentalment we are floating in space

the now generation

1967 documentary mondo mod

mondo mod trailer

...full movie



Hi-Fi from bante on Vimeo.


johnny otis - willie and the hand jive

the most perfect days ever

maurice williams and the zodiacs-stay

the ciffrons-one fine day

the angles-my boy friends back

theres nothing more fun that rolling around in the car with the windows down singing at the top of your lungs.

thank you amanda.