beautiful days

cooking on 3 burners-this girl

...pro-fascination-something on my mind

...the superlatives-i don't know how

...a trio of sweet soul for all the sunday love birds out there. enjoy it.



the knight brothers-ghetto joe

...bit of the olde northern



summer program for youthful musicians- brougham

...another deep one. been perving on some record porn tonight. ebay never disapoints. check it out here

big dollar

little jimmy edwards-slapping some soul on me

...whos got a spar $1000 sitting around? anyone? why not drop it on this 7inch? check the ebay listing


finish the job

curtis the brothers-you make everything better

...when love goes wrong

...been really digging on this 7inch. killer shit. I've been finding a lot of stuff lately on the bell label. haven't found anything i didn't like yet. good dance tunes.


rise up

andrew warts-peter and john

...heavy heavy gospel funk.


The Funky Shiiit

New Funk 45 mix is up and available for download on sound cloud and podomatic. Shit is hard and heavy. Dig it.

Episode 3 The Funky Shiiit. by The Funk And The Fuzz

change my mind

the mighty marvellows-talkin bout ya baby

...uptempo northern stormer


say brother

the stark reality-say brother


The Funk and The Fuzz Podcast Series

People, people the time has come to move forward. progression. digital enhancement. the start of the funk and the fuzz podcast series. for all of you in the inter world to enjoy on your own any time you please. riding your bike, flying a kite, eating cheese, having a shake, whatever you please. check it out on sound cloud or podomatic. the choice is your. enjoy.



bringing sound to the world!

white mice-youth of today

...massive track. check it.



sammy brown-got to leave this town

...great soul track. good for the times.


when a man loves a woman

carlton basco-dont chain my soul

...great slice of funky soul straight out of new orleans. this b side to this 7in is a heart wrenching ballade. well worth checking out if you can find it.