if dancing dont lead to romancing

bill withers-lonely town, lonely street

honey pie.

the radiants formed in chicago during 1960. the group formed as a gospel group but later went on to record secular music on the chess record label. presented below are three slices of northern soul goodness...

1964-it aint no big thing

1965-baby you got it

1966-voice your choice


that mountain echo

1970's south korea psych madness for your little ears...

San Ul Lim were a Korean psych rock/pop/prog band whose name means “That Mountain Echo”. They were comprised of three brothers, Kim Chang Wan (vocals and guitar), Kim Chang Hun (bass) and Kim Chang Ik (drums) and their sister, Kim Nan Suk (keyboards). San Ul Lim is best known for their fuzz distortion guitar sound and their harmonized vocals. Their first album, 1977’s “Ah Already”, sold over a million copies. It was followed five months later with “As Laying Carpet on My Mind”, which further defined their sound with Kim Nan Suk’s keyboard providing the melody and their vocals and guitars becoming increasily wilder.


kind of slow with a whole lot of soul

so i while back, last month, i got to go dig though the crates at big city records in new york's lower east side. one of the gems i came up with was a mint copy of earl and bob's 1963 self titled album. the stand out from the disc is the chart topper harlem shuffle.


great british mc's

right now this album is at the top of my reggae list. only problem is its way out of print and way too expensive to buy online. check out the jemm listing... right? i know. out of control. since im not going to be buying it any time soon and i can't find a download link for you to follow and stick your gruby computer hands on, here are all the tracks compiled in album order. hopefull with some luck one day ill come across this scorcher more in my price range.

Fashion LP #FADLP 001 1984
Record date : 1984

Album style : DJ, dancehall

Playlist :
Smiley Culture - Slam Bam
Phillip Levi - Mi God Mi King
Asher Senator - Fast Style Origination
Peter King - Me Neat Me Sweet
Macka B - A Gentleman With Manners
Smiley & Asher - It's Coming Down
Papa Benjie - Fare Dodger
Pato - Nice Up The Session
Papa Face & Bionic Rhona - To The Bump
Laurel & Hardy - You're Nicked

Engineer : Barry Boom & Chris Lane & Gussie Prento

Producer : Paul Robinson

Drums : Angus Gaye & Richard Stevens
Bass : Tony Robinson (UK) & Ian Austin
Guitar : Chris Lane & John Kpiaye
Keyboards : Clifton Bigga Morrison & Reg Graham
Horns : David De Fries & Dave Bitelli & Annie Whitehead & Tim Sanders & Barbara Snow
Percussions : Chris Lane
Drums Programming : Chris Lane

Studios :
Recording : A-Class (UK)
Mixing : A-Class (UK)

love me right

the cramps with a live performance of 'the way i walk' recorded june 13, 1978 at the napa mental hospital.

the official video.


fuzzy wednesdays

Tomorrow night at beauty bar san diego the growlers and space nature . its going to be a night of fuzzed out space madness. dont be lame and sleep on this one. your mind will be blown by the cosmic insanity.



garland jeffreys- wild in the streets


the hammerlock

recorded in 1964 the novas wrote and dedicated the crusher as a tribute to early westling star crusher lisowski...

the novas-the crusher


the tielman brothers are know as the founders of the genera know as indorock which combines traditional indonesian kroncong music with rock and roll. The genera origins started when many dutch-indonesian musicians repatriated back to then netherlands in the 1950's and 60's.

leave my house

The Modds 45 is notorious for the unbelievably crude sound of "Leave My House". The Modds were also one of the big mysteries of the sixties, as no one had been able to find anyone who was involved with making this record until I spoke to rhythm guitarist John George.

On "Leave My House", most of the band has been buried by the mix of the lead guitar and vocals. One can hear some tambourine, a little bass, rhythm and drums back in the distance. The lead guitar tone is as dirty as can be, breaking up when the picking gets fast. Two minutes into the song he's nearly fried the amp! The singer doesn't hold back, either.

The ostensible A-Side is the much more sedate "All the Time In the World", kind of a Rubber Soul style of ballad with a clean and well-rehearsed guitar solo. Both songs were written by Steve Simone and published by Earl Barton Music. Interestingly, each side has a different producer listed, Bill Harper credited with "Leave My House", and Jerry McDaniel on "All the Time in the World". These Modds are not the group from Miami who cut Don't Be Late.

Mop Top Mike sent in the songs and label scans, and provided more detail about publishing and label info:

The pub company is Earl Barton Music, most famous for having writer Wayne Carson Thompson (or whatever his name is!) on the staff - he wrote "The Letter" for the Boxtops, and sides for the Skeptics ("East Side Tenement House", etc.) When the outfit was contacted back in the 80s, there was no paper file on either song by the Modds, despite showing the pub credit for both songs. E Barton music was based in Springfield, Missouri.

The record label looks like a short-lived offshoot of the Nashville label, based in Madison, Tennesse (had the Kenetics 45 Put Your Loving On Me). There is no release time frame established as well, the numbering of the label doesn't follow the Nashville label master number series.

Leave My House of course is famous because the band track is obliterated by the vocal and lead guitar overmodulating, causing high frequency distortion. Note that two different producers are credited for each song. Bill Harper must've been aghast at the result when the record was pressed!



sonny flaharty and mark v-hey conductor


disco devils

lee perry doing his thing with the cut and chop. sending it beyond outer space. revoicing reworking and editing max romeo's chase the devil into his own disco devil. too hot.

max romeo and the upsetters- chase the devil

lee perry-disco devil

warning nuclear attack

the specials- the man at c&a


Doing time

Sorry to all you out there for the lack of posts as of late. Been doing some time out to sea. No Internet connection. Just the iPhone to keep me in the loop. Things should be back in full swing late next week. Stay tuned for the take over. Big things are coming Down the pipeline. Keep the faith!


Mulatu Astatke: Mulatu Steps Ahead

the new mulatu astatke album dropped on strut records a couple weeks ago and it is a fantastic piece of work. mulatu steps ahead takes the father of eithojazz back to the direction he was taking in the late 1960's and early 1970's bringing together eithiopian modes with western jazz. you can listen to most the tracks on the album mini site or at strut records.

mulatu steps ahead

one more for the road...gubèlyé