check the understated cadence, smooth style, and heavy dub production on this one...best not mess with angry people!
keith hudson-no skinup from the 1979 album-from one extreme to another



superstonic sound:the rebel dread documentary is a new documentary film on don letts.

"Don Letts’ reputation has been firmly established in both the film and music world by a substantial body of work from the late 70's through the 80's, 90’s and well into the millennium. His work has been exhibited in The Kitchen N.Y.C, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The N.F.T in London and was honored at Brooklyn’s BAM festival. In March 2003 he won a Grammy for his documentary ‘Westway To The World’.

He came to notoriety in the late 70's as the DJ that single handedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae. It was whilst as a d.j at the first punk club 'The Roxy' in 1977, that Don adopted the punk D.I.Y ethic and begun to make his first film 'The Punk Rock Movie'. Shot on Super-8mm it is the only documentary on the U.K punk scene w/ Sex Pistols-The Clash and many others. This led to a period directing over 300 music videos for a diverse range of artists."

via superstonicsound web page


churchills - subsequent final


one that has been excluded from a society or system

back from a weekend in ncy. good times. too many laughs. found some scorchers at big city records(more on that later). but for now now check out eddie and ernie singing outcast. one for the outsiders. cheers.


baby let me bang your box

one more day till the weekend. get ugly. bang her box.
doug clark and the hot nuts-baby let me bang your box



what a nice swinging groove for the summer time...thanks debi

willie and the bumblebees- all these things will pass


a couple early tracks by giorgio moroder.


the one you took the time to know

it takes a little time to get to know me...madcliff from the next to impossible to find 1977 album. laced from front to back with jams. i wish i had a vinyl copy of it.


heard rumors tuesday was ladies night?
big kap-da ladies in the house
video featuring bahamadia, lauryn hill, precise, uneek and tripp
hip hop classics--->1995



today and tomorrow

I will tell you things at random about how the quality of randomness, spontaneity, surprise, unexpectedness and irrationality in our lives is a very precious thing. And if you suppress that to have a nice orderly life, you kill off what's most important. The random, chance element in life is totally vital. It is through fear we allow the repression of spontaneous and unpredictable actions and events in order to make life "safer", the creativity that arises naturally from the hurly burly of human life could be destroyed and lost.

Rick Crane - If The Saucers Should Land In The Jungle


oi to the weekend!!!

keeping on the oi kick lately...
the blood-napalm job

the blood-stark raving normal


rip alex chilton...
the box tops- the letter...

stax records put togetget a nice little video play list on their youtube channel. check it out here.



remember those day when nothing mattered and everything around you was so big and fresh and exciting. some how it was all going to make sense and you were going to be a part of it? days of innocence and fun. days of experimenting and pushing boundaries. days of learning of to make bad choices and deal with the consequences. days of being so isolated and different. this brings me back to those days.


the monkey and a dolphin

Stephen Gooden, illus. Aesop's Fables, 1936

A sailor, bound on a long voyage, took with him a Monkey to amuse him while on shipboard. As he sailed off the coast of Greece, a violent tempest arose, in which the ship was wrecked, and he, his Monkey, and all the crew were obliged to swim for their lives. A Dolphin saw the Monkey contending with the waves, and supposing him to be a man (whom he is always said to befriend), came and placed himself under him, to convey him on his back in safety to the shore.

When the Dolphin arrived with his burden in sight of land not far from Athens, he asked the Monkey if he were an Athenian, who answered that he was, and that he was descended from one of the noblest families in that city. The Dolphin then inquired if he knew the Piraeus (the famous harbor of Athens). The Monkey, supposing that a man was meant, and being obliged to support his previous lie, answered that he knew him very well, and that he was an intimate friend, who would, no doubt, be very glad to see him.

The Dolphin, indignant at these falsehoods, dipped the Monkey under the water and drowned him.

He who once begins to tell falsehoods is obliged to tell others to make them appear true, and, sooner or later, they will get him into trouble.



wilson pickett-nintey nine and a half


dreams in audio posted a killer mix of african instrumentals yesterday entitled afromentals – a dreams in audio mixtape. the thing is mental. the link to the down load is posted below.

download here===>afromentals – a dreams in audio mixtape



jumping from that to this and back again. its easy to drift.

check it...burning spears- door peeper.