looked at my life

anthony white- hey baby

...never get away from me

great 7' of some deep soul crossover.


can i call you on the phone

the pendletons-waiting on you

...laid back boogie disco. so soulful

...coming down

...boogie funk


waiting part time

willie west & the high society bros - lesson of love

...the devil gives me everything except what i need.

laid back casual soul. sounds so good in the ears.

corner stores

skip mahoney-town called nowhere

...smoking rare soul number from the dc area.


foundation equipment

mad professor-creation dub

...people of the yoruba

...jah shaka-satta dub

...all three tracks taken from the 1984 dub classic mad professor meets jan shaka at ariwa sounds. heavy heavy business. an album way ahead of its time.



gandalf- golden earrings

...never too far

...you upset the grace of living


im sleepy

labrenda ben-chaperone

great bit of northern.


friday night special

sorry for the lack for posts as of the last couple months been busy working and traveling. coming back with a bang. check out this event coming up in two weeks at thirty moon records. if you are not in san diego check out the store front on the inter web here. this store is heavy heavy business. just loaded to the gills with great records.