augustus pablo-black gunn

...heavy dub track


timothy mcnealy-sagitarious black

...killer slow moving groovin funk number. on the soulful side of things

jonny teupen-hold me, ive got to leave you

...killer jazz dance with a driving organ bass line and harp solo

the rattles-stopping in las vegas

the rattles-dance

...sorry for the lack of post as of late. lifes been crazy and the computer shit the bed. so no connection to the interweb=no posts. but dont you worry your pretty little head ill be back in no time. 



daniel janin and nancy holloway - sand and rain

...real loungy jazz vocals. silky smooth. you know how we do.

vox populi-caleidoscopio

...keeping that breazy brazilian vibe going.


viva brasil - skindo-le-le

spectacular dancefloor classic. smooth as can be like floating in a cloud.


abeti masikini - gogo


motor city

new holidays-maybe so maybe no

...sweet detroit soul

sea shanties

high tide-missing out

...stoned out.


archie bell and the drells- dont let love get you down

...sweet soul disco. great groove.


black merda-we made up

...fuzzed out blues funk. shints tuff man.



doug carn-higher ground

...spritual jazz defined



the caprells-close your eyes (a side)

walk on by(b side)

just got back from a vacation up to san francisco and scored this gem of a seven inch from groove merchant. all it takes is about 15 mins in a store like that to realize how deep the collecting game can go and how much more there is to discover. tapping into the knowledge of a records store is the true experience. the more you dig the deeper it gets.

groove merchant is celebrating its 20 year of business this year and to do so they have released a comp of their favorite 20 tracks from the last 20 years. you can check it out on their blog or buy it over at ubiquity records


caesar frazier-mighty mouse

...funky jazz number for a friday night dance session.